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When you are in need of Immigration legal representation,  representation, or have suffered a Personal  Injury, everything can change – we know that at Law Office of Israel S. Hernandez, P.L.L.C.. With many years of experience in managing difficult and complex legal matters, you can focus on your family, instead of finding yourself overwhelmed and worried about your court case.

Attorney Israel S. Hernandez is an experienced attorney working day in and day out on helping people deal with their Immigration matters or personal injury. Find out how our services can help you. We are here to help.

Facts About Our Firm

Our firm is designed to take care of our customers during a traumatic time. That includes offering free consultations and discounted rates for our services.

  • Our firm works out of two large immigration detention centers which both have immigration courts inside the facility, in Florence and Eloy.
  • Our firm emphasizes bonding out those immigrants who are eligible to do so.
  • Families of detainees call our firm from throughout the United States, Mexico, and Central America to ssist their fmily members in need of legal representation
  • Our attorneys take the time to visit clients or potential clients in Florence and Eloy. Then represent them in court.
  • Most of our clients have a successful outcomes clients and happy to share their experience with others. Our firm is pretty well-known within those two detention centers.
  • We have 11 years of experience working in the detention centers in Florence and Eloy
  • Many attorneys don't possess what it takes to represent clients while detained. The pressure is on to get them out, by client, family, and all those potential hires waiting to see the outcome, not too mention the language barrier.
  • Our firm represents those who have immigration court in Phoenix and Tucson. Both of which are non-detained settings.
  • Our attorneys also represent consular processing clients.
  • We assist with family petitions when a spouse or adult child want to sponsor a family member to gain immigration status. Our attorneys work directly with USCIS and not immigration court. Our firm will submit appropriate applications and supporting documentation.
  • Our attorneys represent Arizona personal injury cases. All types of personal injury and specialize in automobile accidents. We handle all the lawsuit details with the at-fault drivers insurance company in order to settle a personal injury demand.

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With many years of owning a successful law firm, I am dedicated to making sure that you receive quality legal representation with due diligence.

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