Immigration Law

Immigration Attorney Eloy, Florence

Immigration Law

Immigration law can be complex, and in Arizona, those laws are constantly under review. Within the last six years, new laws, requirements, and penalties have been added to the state’s immigration policy. As a result, you may find it difficult to be up to date on the latest regulations.

Are you dealing with an immigration issue in Eloy, AZ or Florence, AZ? Turn to the Law Office of Israel S. Hernandez, P.L.L.C. Mr. Hernandez has many years of experience as an immigration attorney, and he is here to lend legal guidance during your time of need.

As of 2012, there were nearly 900,000 foreign-born residents in the state of Arizona. Of that population, it is estimated that around 390,000 entered the United States illegally. Naturally, immigration law is a pressing issue for our state.

You might be dealing with potential deportation, a family-based petition, or employment authorizations. In any case, our immigration lawyer is here to assist you with court cases at the Eloy, AZ and Florence, AZ detention centers.

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